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January 2013 - Volume 19, Number 1


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Focus on Iowa Wesleyan College


On December 17, Don Wiley, Chairman of the IWC Board of Trustees announced that President Dr. Jay Simmons has been selected as the 23rd President of Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. President Simmons will remain on the job until June.


The Office of Institutional Relations announced a new scholarship, The Clifford E. Dodds Social Science Scholarship Award. The late Clifford E. and Emily Iona Dodds created an estate gift to Iowa Wesleyan to fund the scholarship. Mr. Dodds, a 1940 graduate, was a history major. He passed away in June 2011.


The Spring 2013 semester began on January 7th. There will be several alumni gathering events this winter, January 14 in Davenport, January 15 in Muscatine, and January 17 in Des Moines. In addition there will be three scholarship days held on campus, February 2 and 23, and March 16.


The play Biloxi Blues will be presented February 21, 7:30p.m., in the Chapel Auditorium, by the Montana Repertory Theatre. This free performance is funded by the Haselmayer Endowment for the Arts.


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