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January 2013 - Volume 19, Number 1


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What's New at Public Interest Institute?


2012 was a busy and productive year at PII. We researched, wrote, and published a record total of 13 POLICY STUDIES, participated in many meetings and conferences, and gained new members. Following the November elections, our work promoting free-markets and limited-government public policy is critical.


POLICY STUDY #12-9, “A Short History of Economic Theory” by Adam Wachholz was published in September. This is an excellent overview and refresher work for everyone.


“Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop for Power” by Deborah D. Thornton expands on the potential of renewable power generation from existing water sources and overregulation of this industry. Finally, #12-13, “Education Savings Accounts: A Path to Give All Children an Effective Education and Prepare Them for Life,” was done by Jonathan Butcher, the Education Director at the Goldwater Institute in Arizona. Education reform will be a hot topic in the 2013 Legislature, and we must encourage them to expand the school choice options for all children.


December BRIEFS included “The Overregulation of School Lunches,” by Jennifer L. Crull, “Iowa’s Privileged Class: State Government Employees,” by Amy K. Frantz, and “Governor Branstad Earns a ‘B’” by Deborah D. Thornton.


Analyst John Hendrickson spent November and December teaching two classes at Iowa Wesleyan College, including “United States History to 1877” and a seminar in “History of the Early United States.”


Almost 250 newspaper columns were published by over 20 newspapers, statewide in 2012. We are reaching a wide range of general interest readers with our message of limited-government and free-markets.


FACTS & OPINIONS is one of our quarterly membership newsletters, arriving in January, April, July, and October. It consists of short articles of public interest with an emphasis on current issues.


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