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January 2014 - Volume 20, Number 1


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Focus on Iowa Wesleyan College

January 7 marked the beginning of the spring semester at IWC. Scholarship visit days are being held January 11, February 1, and March 15. Potential students will visit campus, be interviewed, complete a personal essay, and participate in a team-building exercise. The competition scholarship process for music and art will also occur. Scholarships range from $2,000 to full tuition. Any interested high school senior can still sign up. Spring break will begin Friday, February 28, with classes resuming Monday, March 10.


Celebration of Distinguished Graduate


Dr. Donald A. Gurnett, James A. Van Allen/Roy J. Carver professor of physics at the University of Iowa, presented “The Iowa Space Pioneers: The Legacy of James Van Allen” during homecoming. As an undergraduate engineering major, Dr. Gurnett worked for Dr. James Van Allen, Iowa Wesleyan class of 1935 graduate, when he researched the effects of the radiation belts on the earth’s magnetic fields. Dr. Gurnett has conducted experiments on more than 30 space missions and greatly advanced the University of Iowa’s reputation for space research. He is the leading scholar at the University of Iowa on Van Allen’s professional life.


IWC Receives Recognition


IWC has been honored as a 2013-14 College of Distinction, given to select schools to honor their excellence in student-focused higher education. IWC was found to excel in all four distinctions (engaged students, great teaching, vibrant communities, and successful outcomes) and will receive a personal profile on the Colleges of Distinction™ website.


Additionally, IWC has been ranked the top college in the country by the Washington Monthly for its institutional commitment to service and ranked 22nd nationally in community service participation and hours served.


“Iowa Wesleyan helped pioneer the service learning movement nearly 45 years ago. It is gratifying to know that what Wesleyan once pioneered has matured into a model for the nation,” said President Dr. Steven Titus.



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