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January 2015 - Volume 21, Number 1


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Iowa Wesleyan College Update


On Saturday, November 8, Iowa Wesleyan hosted 87 prospective students and their families for Tiger Spirit Day.  Our 210 visitors spent the day meeting with professors, coaches, and students, touring residence halls, and attending a football game. 


The NCAA two-year provisional membership video conference occurred in mid-November. Two members of the NCAA staff met via video with IWC athletics, admissions, financial aid, and the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR).  The NCAA stated that we are doing an excellent job and moving in great directions in our membership process.


On November 9 – 10, a team of four attended the Association of Governing Boards workshop, Strengthening Board Committees, in Chicago.  The workshop explored best practices in the development of highly effective committees and provided tangible solutions to governance challenges boards may currently be experiencing.


Second semester starts January 13, 2015, with spring break March 6 – 15, and the semester ends May 7.



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