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July 2012 - Volume 18, Number 3


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What's New at Public Interest Institute?

by Deborah D. Thornton

The quarterly publication IOWA ECONOMIC SCORECRD came out in May, with the lead article, “What about Water Power?” by Deborah Thornton, generating significant discussion about hydro-energy in Iowa.


New POLICY STUDIES: “The Idea of ‘the West’ and the Revolt Against It,” by Donald Paul Byron “Chip” Racheter, was released in February, and “Tax Increment Financing: Magical Tool or Moral Hazard?” by Deborah Thornton, was released in March.


June LIMITS featured an article by Curtis Dubay, “Stop Taxmaggeddon Before it Hits.” All publications are available online at http://


Teachers and parents are reminded that THE IOWA CIVICS PROJECT, a thirteen-unit curriculum on Iowa state and local government, is available free from PII. Request your copies at 319-385-3462.


Racheter and Stanley Attend World Taxpayers Assocation Conference

In May, Dr. Donald Racheter, President, represented PII at the 2012 World Taxpayers Association (WTA) Members Conference in Kiev, Ukraine.


At the conference, “Message, Members, and Money: How the Worldwide Taxpayers’ Movement Can Become Stronger,” he gave a very well received presentation on “Pro-Taxpayer Projects to Get Your Think Tank Noticed.” Dr. Racheter is also a member of the WTA Advisory Board.


Representatives of 60 countries, as diverse as Armenia, Canada, France, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Korea, attended the conference. Mr. David Stanley of Muscatine, the Chairman of PII, is also the Chairman of the WTA, and he and his wife, Jeanie, also attended.


The WTA was founded in 1988 to work for lower taxes, less waste, accountable government, and taxpayers’ rights worldwide. Since then over 20 countries have adopted flat-rate income taxes instead of “progressive” systems.
Today the WTA advocates for replacing income taxes with consumption-based alternatives and working for reforms to unsustainable social programs.


Currently, there are over 50 taxpayer associations, worldwide, associated with WTA. The work of the WTA is considered part of the “greatest human rights movement of our time” — the struggle for limited, accountable government that respects the economic freedom of the citizens it serves, instead of making the citizens serve the government.


Activities included a welcome reception and dinner at the Ukraine International Center of Culture and Art, Zhovtnevy Palace. The next day was fully booked with sessions on how to best use the Internet, staying ahead of government and cultural trends, media relations, and grassroots campaigning. Workshops on fundraising, effective research, and government lobbying techniques were well attended. Most interesting was a session on retaining members and re-energizing efforts. Small group meetings were held to discuss specific country and regional taxpayer topics in detail.


The Ukrainian hosts presented a well-crafted opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of their country. Kiev, the capital, has about three million people and is an exciting emerging market for international business and production.


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