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October 2014 - Volume 20, Number 4


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Focus on Iowa Wesleyan College


The Commission on the Future of Wesleyan is a strategic planning process that encourages us to step out of our day-to-day routines and discuss and focus on the future. We are creating a shared vision and goals and identifying priorities for our campus. We are using data to inform our discussions and decisions and recognize the financial impact of the choices we are making. We will develop the action plans that are needed to ensure that the college will continue to serve our students and our region well into the future.


The main goal for the third phase, November – December 2014, is to identify and develop dominant strategic themes from the planning exercises and data gathering and engagement phase. Those discussions will have generated a tremendous amount of data regarding stakeholders’ perceptions. The Commission, after a thorough review and analysis of the data, will identify five to ten strategic priorities and write concept papers that will inform stakeholders about those issues and their importance.


The concept papers will be brief and focus on facts without lobbying for a particular viewpoint. Topical areas contained in a concept paper may include historical context, regional or national trends, stakeholders’ perceptions of the issue, strategic goals, and short- and long-term tasks.



Source: Iowa Wesleyan College, <>, September 30, 2014.



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