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October 2014 - Volume 20, Number 4


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Lean Together, Not Apart

by the Independent Women’s Forum

The Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) released its newest book LEAN TOGETHER: An Agenda For Smarter Government, Stronger Communities, and More Opportunity For Women on September 1.


LEAN TOGETHER is 12 chapters, all written by female authors, and uncovers the issues and policy reforms that can move us in a positive direction towards thriving American communities.


The authors of LEAN TOGETHER include Sabrina Schaeffer, Executive Director, and Carrie Lukas, Managing Director of IWF, who are both committed to taking another look at government and it’s role in our lives, as well as encouraging women to be leaders in their lives, their communities, and our nation.


For too long progressives in Washington have put forth a picture of America in which government is the solution to every problem, where a nanny state dictates our children’s lunches, provides one-size-fits-all health care, controls our education, and even determines what kinds of light bulbs we use. We’ve not only lost sight of what a healthy society looks like, but also forgotten that government is not the only – or even the best – solution to society’s ills.


No society or government are perfect, but LEAN TOGETHER proves that we can certainly do better than we are today.


LEAN TOGETHER presents a better vision for America: Smaller government, stronger communities, a vibrant economy, and more opportunity for women and men alike. It covers a wide range of issues from childcare and early childhood education, to the workplace, food and agriculture policy, health care, poverty, technology, and more.


LEAN TOGETHER puts forth a positive agenda in which republican ideals of limited government, virtue, and self-improvement are re-imagined. It offers concrete policy solutions to challenges that face our country and especially women and their families that will rein in the progressive state, streamline government, and strengthen our economy.


The IWF doesn’t believe in a go-it-alone society. That’s why LEAN TOGETHER calls upon Americans – women and men alike – to join in making changes to ensure our communities provide greater opportunity and the potential for fulfillment, and to help us restore the idea that more freedom – not more government – is what will create true health, security, prosperity, and ultimately happiness. Contrary to what many progressives today would have you believe, government alone doesn’t create changes. Individuals and communities shape the world we live in and individuals create changes.


LEAN TOGETHER authors cover the issues and policy reforms that can move us in a positive direction towards thriving American communities. They include concrete steps for how our policymakers can institute practical changes in order to bring us in the right direction.


Reprinted with permission of the Independent Women’s Forum, originally published September 1, 2014.


Do You Wish Your Country and Community Offered:

✔ A community that is safe & engaged, where people talk to each other and are there to help each other out in time of need?
✔ Plentiful job opportunities for everyone in your family, so that you can find a position that best uses your skills and gives you flexibility to be with your children or pursue other interests?
✔ Great educational opportunities and good schools that meet your family’s needs as well as those of your neighbors?
✔ A robust marketplace, so you can access a wide variety of products and foods from around the world at prices you can afford?
✔ A culture that respects both women and men, girls and boys, and encourages the development of healthy relationships and self-images that are the basis for a happy life?
✔ A health-care system that works so that your family can get the care you need from trusted doctors at a price you can afford?
✔ A dependable and accessible safety net so those who are truly in need get the help they need to get back on their feet?
✔ A vibrant civil society, where community organizations, charities, and houses of worship can enrich our lives through volunteer opportunities, services, and religious activities?

Source: Independent Women’s Foundation, <>, September 1, 2014.



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