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October -

The Road to Hell is Paved with Progressive Intentions

Employee Rights Act of 2017

Single-Payer Healthcare: If It Won’t Work in Vermont, Will It Work Anywhere?








September -

What Do You Give Up to Get “Free” Healthcare?

Question Their Trustworthiness

A Commentary on American Public Policy








August -

A Commentary on Property and Taxation

President Trump's American System

A Commentary on the Bill of Rights








July -

A Commentary on the American Constitution

Iowa Policymakers: Do Not Let Kansas or Liberals Scare You Away From Tax Reform

A Commentary on the American Founding







June -

Should Iowa High School Students be Required to Pass the U.S. Citizenship Exam Before They Graduate?

A Guide to Simplifying the Tax Code









May -

Iowa Republican Women Lead the Way!

Return Insurance Regulation to the States

Iowa Taxpayers Deserve Constitutional Protection

The Role of a Good City Councilor








April -

Wisconsin in the Aftermath of Act 10

The Virtues of Individual Learning

The Role of a Good Mayor








March -

Muscatine Needs Professional Management

Tax Credits: Yea or Nay?

Dream It!








February -

Limited Government Policies Lead to Economic Growth

The Wisconsin Miracle: Governor Scott Walker and the Historic Act 10 Reform Measure

Iowa’s Privileged Class: State-Government Employees








January -

A Call To Preserve the Electoral College

100,000+ of Muscatine Tax Dollars Wasted

Iowa’s Privileged Class








December -

The Worth of a Person

Time for Another Election!

America First!








November -

Quit Leaping in the Dark!

Can Rules Prevent Money Printing?

The Impact of Great Books on My Life








October -

American Exceptionalism

Do We Have to Settle for the New Economic “Normal”?

How to Restore Federal Fiscal Sanity: The State Legislatures Hold the Key








September -

We Need More Common Sense!

Calvin Coolidge’s Lesson on Civic Responsibility

Less for More?









August -

The First Mormon Presidential Candidate

Restoring Constitutionalism, Federalism, and Solving our National Fiscal Crisis: The Possibility of an Article V Convention of the States

A New College Doctrine Needed








July -

Should America Allow Sharia Law Anywhere Within Its Borders?

Our Dangerous Retreat From the Constitution

Reform the U.S. ATC System








June -

Wythe’s Wisdom

Iowa Budget and Fiscal Policy: The Need for Bolder Policies

School Choice Is the Right Choice!








May -

Is Medicare Trying To Kill Us Or Bankrupt Us?

It's Time to Reform Our Immigration Policy









April -

Why History Is Important in Our Public Life

Abraham Lincoln’s Prophetic Warning

Eliminate the Iowa Corporate Income Tax!








March -

The Impact of Self-Objectification on Political Efficacy: Does Self-Image Affect Feelings of Political Adequacy

The Crisis of Liberalism

Markets Work Better Than Bureaucrats to Allocate Scarce Resources








February -

Doom and Gloom = 0, Human Ingenuity = 10; The World Hasn’t Ended Yet!

A Conservative Pro-American Plan for Immigration Reform

Is Sanders a Socialist?








January -

Should We Judge Sinners?

The Government Spending and Debt Crisis Continues

We Need ZBB!








December -

Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Our National Interest?

Tax Issues on the Ballot Around the U.S.

Great Men Support Limited Government








November -

A Pro-American Tax Plan

RED or BLUE…Which View Is Best For You?

David M. Stanley








October -

The Electoral College and the United States Constitution

Truth or Dare: Crunch Time for ObamaCare

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Morally Wrong








September -

It's Time to Renew the American Century

Iowans Are Over-Regulated!

Government Bureaucrats and Poverty: Upside-Down Incentives








August -

The Forgotten Alexander Hamilton

The Attacks on TABOR Continue

What Is a “Sin Tax”?








July -

An Economics Lesson From President Warren G. Harding

Whatever Else They May Say...the USA Is a Beautiful Place!

Summer Reading From the State of Iowa








June -

The Danger of Trans-Pacific Partnership and Fast-Track Trade Authority

Being “House Rich” – Affordable Housing, Foreclosures, and Home Size

Eastern Iowa Is Now Part of Chicago!








May -

Paying Income Taxes Can Be Taxing

What We Want for Our Children…

America’s Income “Dynamics,” Not Income “Inequality,” Is Important








April -

The Cost of a Day in London – 1971 vs. 2015

Can We Viably Capture CO2 From Power Plants by 2020?

Iowans Can Track Government Spending, Mostly








March -

The National Debt Must Be Addressed

How Large Should School Districts Be?

The “Hardest” and “Easiest” Places to Live in Iowa








February -

Indiana Means Business!

Educational Savings Accounts – We’re Tired of Waiting for Change

No Higher Utility Bills








January -

Don’t Raise the Gas Tax!

Why the Common Core Is Wrong for Iowa!

A Book for a Lazy Winter Sunday








December -

Religious Pluralism: John Hick and the Elephant With Every Other Name

Should We Restore Bicameralism?

Terry Moe’s Special Interest: Teachers Unions and America’s Public Schools








November -

The Consequence of Progressive Economic Policies

Nothing’s the Matter With Kansas

Suggestions for Reversing Rural Population Loss








October -

The American Economic Crisis Remains

Use the Most Productive Energy Source Possible

Geothermal Energy in Iowa Has Significant Potential








September -

Federalism and the Future of Constitutional Government

Fossil Fuels Benefit All People and Are Not Evil!

Will You Have a Paper Bag or the Plague?








August -

Remembering Senator Barry Goldwater's Historic Campaign

Millennials Are Psychotic. Hopefully It Is Curable!

You Can’t Make Me Join!








July -

Herbert Hoover's Crusade Against New Deal Liberalism

Even the Shouting Is Over – Now What?...We’re Happy!

Baby, It’s Cold (No Hot!) Outside








June -

The Grasshoppers (And Workers) Are Making Money, Except on Federal Lands

Iowa’s Privileged Class: State-Government Employees

A Revival of the Nixon-Reagan Coalition?








May -

The Decline of Civic Education and the Liberal Arts

Almost All of Us Used to Earn the Minimum Wage

“There Are Observable Differences…”








April -

A Time for Choosing

What Is the State’s Fiscal Condition? And Why?

Performance-Based Promotion Is a Good Thing








March -

Iowans Want to Age in Place

Water Power Needs a Good Public Relations Person

Freedom to Choose, Equality of Education








February -

Herbert Hoover and the Transformational Election of 1932

Parents: Claim the Tuition and Textbook Tax Credits; Legislators: Update Them Now!

IPERS – Is “OK” Good Enough?








January -

Fuel Tax: What Is a Fair System for Iowa?

Is the Iowa Supreme Court on a Hunger Strike?

Innovative Pension Reform in Utah – an Example for Iowa








December -

Iowa Needs Income-Tax Reform!

Take Your Child (Parents) to Work Day

Iowa Needs to Focus on Pension Reform








November -

The Problems of the Common Core

The Score Counts

Everyone Wants School Choice!








October -

Mal-apportionment and the Miracle of Iowa

The Four Things We Need – and the One Thing We Must DO

Distributed Generation and Storage May Be an Answer








September -

What Does the Property Tax Reform Mean to YOU?

Companies Need Qualified Workers, Qualified Workers Need Jobs

Moving Electricity Is a Big, Complex Business








August -

The National Debt and the Future of the Republic

If You Want Out – Get Out!

Electricity – The Grid Must Be Maintained








July -

Our Children Need YOU!

An Outstanding Group of Young Adults

A Renewed Call for a Federal Marriage Amendment








June -

Creating a Fair Property Tax System: Is it Possible?

The "Burning" of Global Warming Opposition

Which Comes First: Voting or Citizenship?








May -

Let's be more Charitable!

Medicaid, the “Arkansas” Proposal, and IowaCare Use

Obamacare So Far…Increased Taxes and Increased Costs








April -

The Great Coolidge Revival

Spring Thaw in Johnson County

No Place Like Home!








March -

The Second Inaugural Address and the Future of Constitutional Limited Government

Watch the Pennies, and the Pounds Will Take Care of Themselves!

How Much Do You Pay in Property Taxes?








February -

Unions, Administrators, and School Choice

Financial Literacy Is Important for Legislators Too!

The Economic and Fiscal Crisis Continues








January -

Union Money: 100 percent Democrat. Really?

Wasting Renewable Energy in Iowa

Education Savings Accounts: A Path to Give All Children an Effective Education and Prepare Them for Life








December -

The Overregulation of School Lunches

Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees

Governor Branstad Earns a “B”








November -

The Challenge to Liberty

A Short History of Economic Theory

Teen Unemployment in Iowa








October -

The Federal Trade Commission’s Investigation of Google

Judicial Politics

Orascom or OraScam? Corporate Income and Property Tax Reform Needed








September -

"How Shall We Pay for Health Care?"

The Solution to Economic Growth

Government Always Finds a Need








August -

Health Care, the Supreme Court, and the Future of Limited Government

Looking Backward: Potential, but Utopia?

Legislators Failed Our Children








July -

Constitutional Limited Government and the Path to Economic Recovery

Animal House or Animal Colony? Or Neither?

Everyone’s Talking Bankruptcy








June -

Milton Friedman and the Power of Ideas

Hiring Our Heroes

Should Government Pick Winners?








May -

Health Care and the Problem of Overdiagnosis

Tax Increment Financing: Reforming the “Magical Money”

Iowa (And Bill Gates) Could Lead the Way








April -

TABOR: A Pro-Growth Solution for Iowa

Iowa’s Homeowner Property Taxes Compared to Business Property Taxes

Iowa's Business Property Taxes Highest in the Nation








March -

A Republic, Not a Democracy: A Defense of the Electoral College

Iowa Property Tax Reform: A One-Eyed View of Government

We Need Fair and Sound Fiscal Health, Too








February -

Tax Increment Financing: Piracy and Cows

IPERS Needs More Reform








January -

The Problems of Uncontrolled Government Spending

Health Care Compacts: Another Option

iJAG: Preparing Students for the Real World








December -

Replace the Job Killing Corporate Tax With a Border-Adjusted Consumption Tax

Changing the Energy/Environment Discussion

The Benefits of Broadband: Connecting Iowa to the 21st Century Economy



November -

The Ideology of Environmentalism

Iowa Needs Democrats for Education Reform

Children’s Lives Are Wasting



October -

How to Create Jobs and Revive the Economy

Debt and Default Cloud the American Dream

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones…..



September -

The Debt Limit Compromise and the Future of Limited Government

A Party With a Purpose

The Question Remains: Is Law School Worth the Cost?



August -

Working for the Government, Not Ourselves

The Harding-Coolidge Path to Prosperity

Results of an Education Monopoly



July -

The Peril of the Republic: The Decline of Civic Education

Hallowed be the day, celebrate it!

A Summer Reading List for Limited Government, Free Markets



June -

Coolidge, Davis, and the Historic 1924 Presidential Election

Where Should I Send My Check?

Fill in the Blank: “World-Class __________”



May -

Is Iowa Moving in a Supply-Side Direction?

“Congress shall make no Law…”

Sometimes it’s Good to be “Average”



April -

The Need for Economy in Government

The State of the State

Budget too big? Use the Line-Item Veto, Governor!



March -

The Economy and the National Debt: An Economic and Constitutional Debate

“A Great Devourer of Good Men” and Women

Student Loans and College Costs: Are the Regents listening?



February -

The New Deal Dilemma

Glad We’re Iowa, Not Illinois

There is Good News!



January -

The Patriot's Toolbox: Policy Ideas for Citizens and Policymakers from a Free-Market Perspective

Unemployment Payments and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Students Benefit from Expanded Open Enrollment








December -

The Year of Uncertainty

I think I can, I think I can!

Charitable Donations are Not Government Money



November -

Remembering President Warren G. Harding

Good Old-fashioned Fun, and Economic Development too!

We must Control Government Spending



October -

The Wisdom of Warren G. Harding

"Yes Ma'am," Yes Man

Professional Protection and Support, Not a Union or a PAC



September -

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Men of ideas: Conservatives Do Have Policy Solutions

Not Afraid to Get Dirty!



August -

The Return of the Clintons

Humphrey's Warning

What did your Teenager do this summer?



July -

Super Tuesday

The Progressive Offensive Continues

Characters Welcome in Government Today



June -

A Greek Drama Unfolds

What is my Role as a Citizen?

Economic Recovery? Rural Mainstreet bankers aren't sure



May -

You Can't Lose If You Don't Play

Health Care: A Constitutional Question

Our Government is not supporting Charitable Giving



April -

American Gothic - Iowa's Farm Economy

The Mount Vernon Statement

The Regents Don't have Solutions



March -

The Third Branch of Government

A Supply-Side Solution

Just what will that College Degree get you?



February -

The (not so) Perfect Season

An Economic Policy Solution for 2010

I have a College Degree, Now What?



January -

Iowa's Privileged Class - State Government Employees

A Conservative View Towards Public Policy and the Political Process

Good Ideas Come from Many Places



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