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September Issue -

Governor Theodore Christianson’s Model for State Government






June Issue -

The American Model of Economics: Follow the Example of Harding and Coolidge






March Issue -

Is Collective Bargaining a Constitutional Right? And Other Issues by Mutual Agreement







December Issue -

A Taxpayer Friendly Election

2016 Ballot Initiatives: Largely Positive Results for Taxpayers






June Issue -

The Laws of Human Nature






December Issue -

Look to Calvin Coolidge Concerning Trade Policy







June Issue -

Beware of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Fast-Track

The Full Dinner Pail









March Issue -

The Tax-Cutting Boon Sweeping the States

The Unsustainability of Federal Spending

The Sad State of the Union

Governors Love Federal Funding








December Issue -

Progressives Are the Primary Impediment to Progress

We Need a Real Flat Tax

Election 2014: A Conservative Victory?









September Issue -

“Middle-Out” Economics

Why Do So Many Know So Little About U.S. History?

Welfare State Grows as Self-Sufficiency Declines

Politics on the Bench — Iowa and Beyond







June Issue -

Tax Revolt! It's Time to Learn From Past Success

Calvin Coolidge and the Spirit of the Constitution








March Issue -

Big Government Does Too Much, Badly

The Constitution's Vanishing Act

The Unstoppable Leviathan









December Issue -

The Income Tax: A Century Is Enough

Gasoline Taxes: Funding Roads or Pork?

The Obama Train Wreck

Remembering Senator Rod Grams








September Issue -

Secure Liberty With Local Initiative and Referendum

Yes, Threats to Religious Liberty Happen Here

Obama's Middle Class Malaise








June Issue -

More Subsidies for Prosperous Farmers

A Constitutional Presidency

The Economic Ignorance of Barack Obama








March Issue -

School Choice: Providing Hope and Opportunity

Setting the Record Straight on the Policy of Tax Reducation

In Praise of Income Inequality









December Issue -

To Grow the Economy, We Must Shrink President Obama's Big Government

Obamanomics Explained

The 2012 Elections: A Nation Divided

Four Years Is Plenty of Time to See a Recovery









September Issue -

Washington Isn't Broken — Just Broke

Democrats' Leftward Drift Is Blocking Tax Reform

Defending Liberty and the Second Amendment

Question of the Quarter









June Issue -

Stop Taxmageddon Before it Hits

From Liberty to Leviathan in a Nutshell

Yearning for Normalcy

Question of the Quarter








March Issue -

Why There Is No Human Progress Without Capitalism

The Approaching Fiscal Armageddon

Question of the Quarter









December Issue -

Two of the All-Time Greatest Successes in Cutting Taxes and Spending

Did Obamacare Cause the National Economic Doldrums?

A Quick Review of State and Local Ballot Issues

The Reconsideration of President Warren G. Harding









September Issue -

Will Obama Ever Learn Economics From Reagan?

Debt Deal: Politicians Win, Middle Class Loses

A Return to Traditional Conservatism

Economic Freedom and the Constitution



June Issue -

Where Your Taxes Will Go in 2011

We Don't Need a Tax Increase

Are Public Schools Underfunded? No

The Growth of the Administrative State



March Issue -

Cutting Spending to Revive Federalism

What Would Harding Do?

Time for Corporate Tax Reform








December Issue -

The 2010 Elections: A Return to Conservatism?

Iowa, Proposition 8, and the Federal Marriage Amendment

What the Constitution Says about Taxation



September Issue -

Abolish State Income Taxes: Statistics show they retard economic growth

The Importance of Limited Government Power

Proposition C and the Future of Federalism



June Issue -

Taxpayers Need Constitutional Protections

Tax Day Or Pay Day

The Harding-Christianson Formula For Iowa

Federalism and Health Care



March Issue -

Greater Freedom the Answer to Economic Woes

The Coburn Criteria for Public Policy

Rising Debt Ceiling Raises U.S. Default Worries

An Economic Solution Based on History









December Issue -

TABOR Saved Colorado

A Setback for Taxpayers and Economic Liberty

How Gun Litigation Can Restore Economic Liberties

A Call for Renewed Faith in the Constitution



September Issue -

Beyond Tea Parties: A New Way for Taxpayers to Fight Back

Missouri Would Be Better Off Without an Income Tax

The Constitution and Politics: The Enumerated Powers Act

The Growth of Government



June Issue -

Tax and Spending Limit Amendments Pick Up Steam

Parting Company

Entitlement Reform: An Urgent Need to Return to Limited Government

An Economic Bill of Rights: Two Different Philosophies



March Issue -

Some Governors Are Offering Big Ideas for Reform

Another Assault Upon the Remnants of Federalism

Some Ideas for Tax Reform

Iowa and National Popular Vote: An Interstate Compact that Should be Avoided









December Issue -

Election 2008: A Crossroads?

Does Regulation Cost Money?

Is the Bailout Constitutional?

Taxation's Perfect Storm



September Issue -

The Big Squeeze

Oklahoma Rebellion

Prudent Taxation Policy is a Bi-partisan Issue

Election Day 2008: A Cultural Crossroads



June Issue -

Some Major Threats to Limited Government

Tax Freedom Day: A Call For Tax Reform

A Former NRA President's Tribute to Charlton Heston

Using Federalism to Reform Education: Reagan Style



March Issue -

Voters Send Strong Anti-Tax Message in November Elections

Excess Federal Spending and the Potential for a Real Mess

Civic Education: Essential to the Preservation of Tradition and American Identity

A Prescription for Economic Health









December Issue -

Unprecedented Danger in One of the Proposed California Ballot Initiatives

2007 Tax Issues on the Ballot

First Principles: Who am I, and why am I here? Just exactly who do you think you are?

What Would Happen if Congress Passed H.R. 1359?



September Issue -

Private Property Saved Jamestown, And With It, America

Tax Freedom Day

Is a New Tax Revolt on the Horizon? The case for TABOR

Time to Eliminate the Alternative Minimum Tax



June Issue -

Should Congress Extend Bush Tax Cuts Beyond 2010? YES: Extending tax-cuts will extend prosperity, growth

Universal Vouchers in Utah

Federalism: The Constitutional Route Back to Responsible Policy and Government

Public Bans on Private Actions



March Issue -

The Real Problem of Rising College Costs

Do You Still "Remember the Maine"?

Socrates and the Minimum Wage

Government Negotiated Prices Created Drug Shortage



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