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Public Interest Institute began operations in 1991 as Iowa's only state-level, independent, research organization. As a public-policy research organization, we have four principal goals.

  • Become an information and analysis resource for all Iowans.
  • Provide local, state, and national policy-makers with a rigorous, objective, and understandable analysis of specific policy initiatives.
  • Identify practical alternatives for action on critical state and local issues.
  • Provide a forum for policy-makers and individuals to share ideas and concerns.

The Institute promotes the importance of a free-enterprise economic system and its relationship to a free and democratic society. It seeks to support the proper role of a limited government in a society based upon individual freedom and liberty.

Concerned citizens are challenged to become better informed about public issues. Ideas have consequences, and involved individuals can make a difference.

If you find the Institute's publications informative and useful, I encourage you to support our work by sending a tax-deductible contribution. We accept no government money. Only with help from citizens like you can we continue to provide responsible analysis and information on public-policy issues.



Dr. Don Racheter



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All of our publications are available for sponsorship.  Sponsoring a publication is an excellent way for you to show your support of our efforts to defend liberty and define the proper role of government.  For more information, please contact Public Interest Institute at 563-264-1237 or e-mail us at