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January 2013 Policy Study, Number 13-1


School Choice: Not if the Unions Have Any Say


Iowa State Education Association



A large amount of the money received and spent by the Iowa Democrat Party in 2012 originated with the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA). During the 2012 election cycle the Iowa Democrat Party received over $600,000 from the ISEA.[30] If you go back to 2003, it totals over $1.5 million.


Further, almost 100 percent of the ISEA political action committee donations going directly to candidates for State House and State Senate go to the Democrats who support their anti-school choice education positions. From 2008 to 2012 this totaled over $500,000. [31] Both Bowman and Courtney have received support from the ISEA.


In looking at the longer-term picture the total amount the Iowa teachers union poured into political campaigns – with money received from their members, who were originally paid with taxpayer money – was over $2.3 million.




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