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February 2013 Policy Study, Number 13-2


Creating a Fair Property Tax System: Is it Possible?





While property taxes are an issue that many entities have a very vested interest in, we need to work to decrease the burden that has been placed on all property owners. The only way we can do this is with bold thinking and the Iowa House and Senate working together. With both parties stating that they want to see property tax reform happen this year, both sides need to work to come to the solution that is best for everyone in Iowa.


Governor Branstad’s plan allows all property owners to see a reduction in their property taxes. This gives the Iowa House and Senate a place to start. We have to hope that egos won’t get in the way and that our elected officials will remember why they were elected to their position. This plan will not pass unless both parties get on board and support what is best for our state.


We as voters need to contact our elected officials and allow them to know our thoughts on property tax reform. This is the only way our elected officials will understand where the public is coming from. If you want to see lower prices at the stores we shop, or just want to see more of your paycheck stay in the bank, then you will urge lawmakers to vote for property tax reform and support what is best for all Iowans.




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