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November 2013 Policy Study, Number 13-7


America Needs America's Energy


Your Personal Energy Journal



In the last chapter of my book, America Needs America’s Energy, I recommend that each reader keep a Personal Energy Journal.


America’s energy future is in our hands. We can no longer wait for government to rally us. History has shown this will not happen. The time has come for all of us, the people, to take control of our energy future here in America. That starts with us keeping a Personal Energy Journal, which will assist us in planning and executing our personal energy plans.


To give you an idea of what some cities are already doing to assist citizens in this process, at the end of chapter ten I have included a sample copy of a standard report that homeowners in metropolitan Nashville receive following a voluntary in-home energy evaluation (audit). This Energy Action Plan shows participants the projected energy savings associated with each recommended measure.


Following that, you will find your Personal Energy Journal forms for several years ahead. These forms are a compilation of questions I have gathered from various sources I have encountered while speaking to groups and educating the public on energy policy.


Please join me in developing your own personal path to an energy strategy by completing the forms, which will guide you in assessing how you are personally using energy and understanding how the way you use energy as a consumer impacts energy issues and development.


The idea is to create your own personal energy plan for a period of five years. For instance, your goal for 2013 may be to convert your car to CNG [compressed natural gas], add solar panels to your home, or investigate other energy sources in your area. At the end of each year, you can then check to see if you have met your goals. If not, you can either adjust your goals for the next few years or list the steps needed to achieve your personal energy goals in the near future. You may want to include others in this initial planning stage, such as your family, your company, or your organization.


As you proceed with creating your Personal Energy Journal you will find a lot of helpful background information in the first two parts of the book, including the pros and cons of the various energy alternatives currently available. In addition, in the back of the book you find a glossary of energy terms, suggested reading, and web links that offer further assistance. But don’t count on what you read in the book alone. Do your homework. The energy industry is moving forward in innovation and technology advancement, so try to stay current with the latest information available.


You will find that your Personal Energy Journal will become a part of your journey into understanding the need for the People’s Energy Plan, as well as a statement of your personal policy of striving for energy efficiency and environmental preservation.


America Needs America’s Energy! Together we can create America’s Energy Plan!


Go to to learn more, and to join the effort of striving toward “creating together the people’s energy plan.”



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