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November 2013 Policy Study, Number 13-7


America Needs America's Energy


Egypt and America's Energy



Egypt is not a major producer or supplier of oil, but it is a major “chokepoint” in the Middle East when factoring in potential disruptions. With that said, there is the concern of supply disruptions due to the location of the country’s pipelines and its oversight of the Suez Canal. An additional concern is that unrest there could possibly carry over into other countries in the region where there is substantial oil production. Another factor is the recent drawdown on U.S. reserves.


The unknown of oil supply disruptions is a warranted concern for the short term.


The region’s history shows that the Suez Canal was closed for several months during the crisis in 1956 and during the blockade which occurred for several years following the war of 1967.


Peace in the Middle East would definitely deter the potential for major oil disruptions.


In the long term, beginning soon with a national energy strategy, we should step up our own natural resource development efforts especially in the oil and natural gas shale plays. The commitment to energy development should lead us to energy security. Therefore, we would be less concerned over time about oil disruptions in other regions throughout the world.


“In 2011, the U.S. spent $453 billion on oil from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other foreign countries. The largest consumers of OPEC oil in the form of gasoline and diesel in this country are the trucks and fleets that move goods. Running primarily from point to point, or from distribution center to distribution center, these heavy trucks and fleets consume incredible amounts of fuel while operating at low fuel efficiency,” according to T. Boone Pickens.


As I state in my book, it is so important that America establishes energy independence. Our national security has long been one of the most important assets we cherish. Today, nothing in America moves without energy, but the definition of energy security is not confined to fuel for transportation. It also extends to power generation. To be independent means not just avoiding foreign oil, but creating a forward-thinking infrastructure that provides for our lifestyle needs.


Energy security is based on an energy plan in which we all conserve and work to determine how we will obtain more energy from our country’s resources. The energy dependence we suffer from today costs us economically, in the form of high prices and lost jobs. If we develop a People’s Energy Plan, it will lead us to economic prosperity and energy security.


With an American energy strategy we would not have to be as concerned if there are oil disruptions in other parts of the world. America Needs America’s Energy! Together we can create America’s Energy Plan!




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