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November 2013 Policy Study, Number 13-7


America Needs America's Energy


Ted Turner: Energy and the Environment



During the filming of the documentary The Grand Energy Transition that I served as a producer of, I had the opportunity of having a conversation with Ted Turner, founder of CNN, in his Montana ranch house. Of course, our conversation focused on energy and the environment.


Ted was an investor in our documentary. He agreed to be interviewed for the film because he believes that natural gas holds promise. He believes that everyone should be watchful on energy usage and environmental preservation.


Though Ted and I do not agree on everything, we do agree that energy and environment can co-exist.


One question that I asked Ted, who at the time was 72, and who had achieved so much in his lifetime, was “what is left for you to accomplish?” He answered, “to change the world,” as he looked at me, as if to say isn’t that what we are all to do?


Ted is definitely a man of action. He stands behind his words.


He has established Turner Renewable Energy (TRE). TRE believes that investing in renewable energy is not only a prudent financial decision, but also a crucial step toward ensuring our planet’s future health. TRE is committed to promoting the use of clean energy.


For example, TRE has the following projects:


• The Luckie Street Solar Project is located on a two-acre parking lot adjacent to the Turner building in Atlanta, Georgia. It is comprised of 25 solar canopies. We discussed this project and a year later it was completed.


• The Cimarron Solar Facility, Arizona, is among the nation’s largest solar photovoltaic plants at 30 megawatts.


• The Apex Solar Facility is a 20 megawatt solar photovoltaic power plant in Nevada.


• The Spectrum Solar Facility, Clark County, Nevada, is a 30 megawatt facility.


• The Granville Solar Facility is a 40-acre site in North Carolina. It is a 2.5 MW facility.


Ted’s question to us — “what are we doing to change the world?”


America’s Natural Energy Resources will help lead us to economic prosperity and energy security.



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