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February 2014 Policy Study, Number 14-1


Educational Freedom – For Your Child, My Child, All Children


Support for Your Right to a Quality Education for Your Child



A recent national report authorized by the Friedman Foundation on support for vouchers as a method for providing school choice to all students shows that while there are differences between Republicans, Democrats, and independents based on whether vouchers should be used for all children or only low-income or handicapped children, there are no differences based on race.  The support for vouchers of all types is basically the same for Hispanics, African-Americans, and white Americans.[1]  This is an important indication of broad-based support for the freedom to choose and equality of education for all children.


Some argue that because the Friedman Foundation is specifically in favor of increased school choice their surveys are biased and not reliable.  This is not true.  A peer-reviewed, non-partisan study by professors from the University of Cincinnati and Auburn University published in the January 2014 issue of Contemporary Economic Policy on school choice in Ohio provides solid evidence that a broad array of people support school choice.[2]  Other independent academic studies also support that position.




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