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August 2014 Policy Study, Number 14-3


Geothermal Energy: Important Potential in the U.S. and Iowa





More and more Americans are coming to their senses and becoming skeptics about the global warming movement.  An April 2014 poll released by the Gallup organization shows that only 34 percent of Americans are greatly worried about “global warming” or “climate change.”[1]  This is down from 41 percent in 2007, the height of the Al Gore Inconvenient Truth scam.  We have good reason to be skeptical, as the article “Common Misconceptions About Global Warming” shows.[2] 


For example, the Earth is currently cooling, not warming; warming and cooling cycles have occurred naturally for thousands of years; CO2 changes are not causing temperature changes; the computer models don’t work accurately – proving little about our climate; and CO2 is not a pollutant, it’s a critical part of our ecosystem needed to make the oxygen cycle work.  Basically, global warming/cooling is normal, the ice flows are not melting, and people are not causing the end of the world by continued economic development and use of fossil fuels.


However, energy conservation, especially if it helps keep energy costs low, is something we can all support.  Conservation is reasonable and sensible – especially as the cost of energy, whether to heat our homes and offices, power our factories, or drive our cars, makes a significant difference in the economy and lifestyle of all people on the earth.  Forced implementation and government control of our energy sources and use are not good for the economy or for either rich or poor people.  This is aptly demonstrated by the current administration’s refusal to approve the Keystone Pipeline and delays on leasing of federal lands for oil and gas drilling, combined with the increased regulatory burden of the EPA on coal and other energy sources. 


Officials in Germany – which has enthusiastically embraced expensive and inefficient “renewable energy” sources such as solar power – are now warning their citizens and businesses that “soaring energy costs” are creating the risk of “dramatic de-industrialization.”[3]  Many Europeans, fully embracing the global warming scare, are now paying three to four times as much for electricity and natural gas as Americans.  As a result, environmentalism is literally bankrupting these people and businesses.


One energy source which can help address these issues is that of geothermal energy.  Geothermal energy is that created by the natural, internal heat of the Earth.  It’s been here for hundreds of thousands of years and will be unending for many hundreds of thousands more.  This paper will address both the positive aspects of fossil fuels and the potential benefit of increased geothermal use, both commercially and personally.



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