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October 2014 Policy Study, Number 14-6


Should We Restore Bicameralism?





State legislatures have several methods to hold the federal government more accountable.  This article presents two: 1) Indiana could repeal the 17th Amendment either by ratifying an amendment passed by both Houses of Congress that repeals the 17th Amendment or by calling a constitutional convention and instruct its delegation to pass an amendment repealing the 17th Amendment; or 2) Indiana could pass a law that allows the state Legislature to select the two candidates who will represent their parties in the general election.  Although each method would achieve a similar result, if Indiana wishes to act on its own, option 2, passing its own law, is the most efficient option as the Article V amendment process requires action in other states as well as Indiana.


Reprinted with permission from the Indiana Policy Review.


Gregory F. Zoeller, J.D., is Indiana’s 42nd Attorney General elected in 2008 and reelected in 2012. He spent 10 years as an executive assistant to Dan Quayle, first in the senator’s Washington office then in the Office of the Vice President. Zoeller studied as an undergraduate at both Purdue University and Indiana University, earning a law degree from the Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington in 1982. He wrote this at the request of the Indiana Policy Review Foundation.




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