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January 2015 Policy Study, Number 15-1


Why the Common Core Is Bad for Iowa!





As you have read in this study, the CCSS has many problems, beginning with the amount of private donations from Bill Gates to directly influence our children’s education.  But there are many problems with the English and math standards that leave our children behind the rest of the international community.  Additionally, there is the issue of having to adopt them to apply for federal incentives.


This is about doing what is right for our children.  Being a parent and learning that it will be ten years before we know if these standards and curriculum are working is too chancy for me.  My oldest daughter is in 5th grade and in ten years she will be done with school.  So in ten years to learn this whole thing may not have worked is NOT acceptable.  The policymakers are gambling with my child’s education and every other child currently in the educational system!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t gamble because that is a risk I would never take for my children or anyone else’s! 


Therefore it is imperative that parents, grandparents, business owners, and educators call for a review of the CCSS that were enfolded into the Iowa Core!  We need an educated workforce, and in ten years we don’t want to find out we have less of an educated workforce than we did today!  Being college and career ready is what this is supposed to be all about!


As you can read from the points above, there are many reasons to be concerned about the CCSS that is working its way into all aspects of education, especially in the state of Iowa. So I would encourage you to attend school board meetings and learn about the implementation plans. If we don’t question the impact these standards have on our students who will? We don’t want a generation being brought up believing that only the government can make the right decisions for our children.




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