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February 2015 Policy Study, Number 15-3


Obama-Inspired EPA Carbon-Dioxide Regulations May Bankrupt Iowans


Stress Already on Iowa Families



According to a recent story in The Des Moines Register, “Costs Fall, but Iowans Struggle to Pay Their Heat Bills,” utilities in Iowa disconnected the heat of almost 16,100 families last winter who were unable to pay their utility bills.  This impacted over 66,000 people and some are still trying to get those bills paid off.[30] 


At the end of last winter, power companies reported to the Iowa Utilities Board that 250,000 Iowans owed a “record” $47.7 million in utility bills. As of November 1, about $27 million of that was still outstanding – with cold weather once again on its way, and once again expected to be colder than normal, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.[31] 




Almost 30,500 families have already qualified for heating assistance this year, up 5 percent from last.  These families will receive about $450 each in one-time help to pay their utility bills from a federally funded program.[33]


Bankruptcy is a potential reality for these 16,000 families, and financial hardship and worry sit on the shoulders of the 250,000 who got behind on their heat bills last year. 




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