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February 2015 Policy Study, Number 15-3


Obama-Inspired EPA Carbon-Dioxide Regulations May Bankrupt Iowans





Whether the ObamaEnergy Clean Power Plan costs Iowa families $400 or $500 more per year for the electricity and gas to light and heat their homes, any additional costs for some families will be enough to push them into bankruptcy.  These costs can cause them to become homeless and children to go to sleep cold and hungry.


When the additional impacts of job and investment losses are also considered, balanced against some nebulous potential benefit from a minor reduction in atmospheric CO2 – it becomes apparent that ObamaEnergy is a significant overreach by a regulatory agency which is out of control.  This is even though elected officials continue to talk about an “all of the above” energy policy.  “All of the above,” except coal and other fossil fuels.


The environmentalists and regulators sitting in Washington, D.C., helping to bankrupt those who build and operate coal-burning power plants in the name of “saving” the environment do not understand the reality of workers and families trying to balance their budgets and pay their bills.  They do not understand the enormous impact of safely and productively used fossil fuels on our economy and the progress made by all people over the last 200 years of the industrial revolution.


For these families, reducing CO2  to counter global warming and receiving $7 in health benefits sometime in the future, added to the previously unfulfilled promises of “keeping your doctor and your health-care plan” and “saving every American family $2,500 a year in health-care costs,”  is not very credible.  As they prepare for Christmas and anticipate their “long winter’s nap,” I’m sure they wish the EPA, the environmentalists, and ObamaEnergy would just go away and leave everyone alone.





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