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January 2016 Policy Study, Number 16-1


Doom and Gloom = 0, Human Ingenuity = 10

The World Hasn't Ended Yet!





NostradamusThough one could go back further, let us begin with Nostradamus (1503 – 1566).  Nostradamus, a French apothecary/physician and seer, began writing his astrologically based four-line quatrain predictions beginning in 1555.[2]  In the almost 500 years since, some can be characterized as coming true – especially those earlier ones concerning events which might have been predicted by any astute political observer – including the 1559 death in battle of England’s King Henry II, who was an older man killed by a younger during a time when battles and losses of that sort were common.  Other major actions which appear to have come true in/around the timeframe predicted include the great fire of London, the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon, Louis Pasteur, Hitler, the atomic bomb, and the Kennedy assassinations.[3]  The most famous prediction, which has definitely not come true, is that the “King of Terror” would rain down from the skies in 1999 and remain for seven months.[4] 


Other recent events which some have tried to make “fit” the predications include the Challenger space shuttle explosion, Lady Diana’s death, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s death, and the September 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center.  Some predictions have apparently not been fulfilled yet, including a major earthquake which will supposedly happen on November 25 of this year and a major volcanic eruption in either 2015 or 2016.  There have been both major earthquakes and major volcanic eruptions in 2015, including a 7.8 earthquake in Nepal and an 8.3 one in Chile, and the April eruption of the Calbuco volcano in southern Chile, but there is no consensus that these fulfill the predictions.[5]



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