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January 2016 Policy Study, Number 16-1


Doom and Gloom = 0, Human Ingenuity = 10

The World Hasn't Ended Yet!


Moral of the story?



1. The world has been predicted to be ending many times.  It has not.  In all likelihood it is not ending today and will not end until God’s own time – hopefully many hundreds of millions of years in the future.  Should we “protect” the earth and treat it with respect?  Yes, of course.  We should treat both the Earth and the people who inhabit it with respect.  Does that mean we need government and elite, self-appointed leaders to dictate our every action?  No, we need government and these people to get out of the way.


2. Imagination and hard work has solved most of our problems, resulting in a standard of living for a vast number of people which was unimaginable only 200 years ago.  That same imagination and hard work, by mostly unsung heroes, has made fools of many, many supposedly smart and wise people and negated their dire predictions. 


3. Be very, very careful about making predictions about the future of the world, and be even more careful about what assumptions you use to make those predictions.  In all likelihood, you will be wrong. In writing about the Halley’s Comet scare, The Guardian newspaper suggested that when reviewing a prediction of a prophecy, ask questions.  Ask, “What exactly has been measured?  What has been calculated?  And how?  What has been predicted?  And why?”  Then probe for more answers, because the “data in” determines the “data out,” and money drives many results.


There are problems in the world today, and there are certainly solutions.  As illustrated by these examples and stories, few – if any – of these solutions came from government or taxpayer money.  They came from people’s imagination and hard work.  We would do well to remember this.


We would also do well to remember, gloom and doom = 0, human inspiration, imagination, hard work, innovation, and pure luck = 10!  The world hasn’t ended yet, and isn’t likely to anytime soon.  And if it does, the government bureaucrats, regulators, and tax collectors can’t stop it.




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