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October 2016 Policy Study, Number 16-3


How To Restore Federal Fiscal Sanity: The State Legislatures Hold The Key


How Should We Respond To Those Who Say They Want A Balanced Budget But Oppose A Constitutional Convention?



You would be suspicious of anyone who claims to support law enforcement but wants to abolish the police.  You should be equally skeptical of anyone who claims to be for a Balanced Budget Amendment but against a limited convention to propose it.


A vote against the convention call is a vote against requiring a balanced federal budget.  Whatever the intention, that is the result.


Be skeptical of fearsome claims about what a constitutional convention would do.  They are smokescreens.


Our opponents will try to scare you away from leadership for a balanced budget.  They want you to run up a white flag of surrender to unlimited deficits and debt.


You can help win the battle for fiscal sanity by pointing out that the real issue is whether we want a balanced federal budget and that the convention call is merely an essential means to that end.




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