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October 2016 Policy Study, Number 16-3


How To Restore Federal Fiscal Sanity: The State Legislatures Hold The Key


Is A Runaway Congress The Real Danger?



Isn’t an unwise amendment more likely to be proposed by Congress than a convention?


Article V gives Congress the power to propose any Constitutional Amendment at any time –including a whole new Constitution.  Congress is a permanent, unlimited constitutional convention.


Whenever Congress is in session, our whole Constitution is always “opened up to unlimited changes” – by amendments proposed by Congress.


Which is the greater risk:  a powerful Congress with permanent authority to propose any or all amendments, or a temporary constitutional convention with authority to propose only one amendment?


Who would be more likely to propose a harmful amendment – self-interested Congress or a group of citizen-delegates elected by the people to serve in a one-time, limited convention?


Shouldn’t we be more concerned about the greater danger:  economic collapse by runaway federal debt?


The grave danger to our nation today is not a Constitutional Amendment – whether proposed by Congress or by a convention.


The real danger is the economic collapse of our nation and the destruction of our people’s jobs, standard of living, and retirement income – caused by the rising crushing burden of debt.


The sad history of many debt-ravaged nations warns us that runaway debt threatens our American system of government and our civil liberties, as well as our economic system.


The danger of runaway debt is far greater than any other defect of our system of government.  If we let the opponents of a balanced budget make us afraid to use the states’ right to propose constitutional reform through the convention process, there is no remedy for a federal government out of control.


America desperately needs leadership by our State Legislatures to stop politicians from spending us into bankruptcy.




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