2011 March 11-1
Iowa's Privileged Class:  State Government Employees
March 11-2
Tax and Expenditure Limits II: Are There Additional Options?
June 11-3 Monopolizing and Derailing the Education Freedom Train
2011     August 11-4    The Harding-Coolidge Path to Prosperity: What Policymakers Can Learn From the 1920s to Solve the Budget Crisis and Create a Sound Economy August 11-5
The Benefits of Broadband:  Connecting
Iowa to the 21st  Century Economy
September 11-6  Environmental Utopia:  What Would Life be Like If the Environmentalists Were in Charge?
2011 September 11-7  Replace the Job Killing Corporate Tax With a Border-Adjusted Consumption Tax

October 11-8

"We Must Find Common Ground, Children’s Lives are Wasting”

2010 February 10-1
American Gothic
April 10-2
Does the Government want us "To give or not to give?"
May 10-3
The Benefits of the Privileged Class
2010 August 10-4
Tax and Expenditure Limits (TELs)
Helping to Control Government Spending
September 10-5
The Wisdom of President Warren G. Harding
December 10-6
The State of the State
2010 December 10-7
"A Great Devourer of Good Men" and Women
2009 January 09-1
Stewardship in Government Spending:  Accountability, Transparency, Earmarks, and Competition
January 09-2
Choice Through Charters:  Policy Analysis of Iowa Charter School Legislation
February 09-3
Peer Review - Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council Climate Action Plan
2009 March 09-4
Iowa's State Budget:  Spending Our Way to a Crisis Again
April 09-5
A Republic If You Can
Keep It: Failing to
Teach First Principles
June 09-6
Why Iowa Should Not Build High-Speed Rail
2009 August 09-7
Stewardship in Iowa:  Our Own Horatio Algers
September 09-8
How to “Return to Normalcy” in America:
Follow the Example of President Warren G. Harding
November 09-9  Iowa's Privileged Class:  State Government Employees
2009 December 09-10   A College Education, But at What Cost?    
2008 February 08-1
Iowa Higher-Education's Third Way:  Community Colleges' 2+2 Programs
March 08-2
The Burden of Government
April 08-3
Higher Education in Iowa: An External Assessment
2008 May 08-4
No Income Tax:  The Key to Economic Growth
June 08-5
Do More By Doubling Up:  Providing Iowa Law Enforcement Protection More Efficiently

July 08-6
Tax Increment Financing:  Getting it Right

2008 September 08-7
School Choice in America and Iowa:  Examining the Roots and Policies of Education Reform
November 08-8
Nonprofit Organizations and Faith-based Initiatives: What the Private Sector can Contribute to the Pursuit of the Public Interest
December 08-9
Governing by the Founder's Constitution: The Presidency of Warren G. Harding
2007 August 07-1
For the Children?  No, for the Politicians!
November 07-2
Government or Capitalism as a Solution to Rural Population Loss?
December 07-3
Federal Tax Deductibility in Iowa:  Who Benefits and Why it Should Continue
2007 December 07-4
Spending Our Transportation Dollars Wisely
December 07-5


December 07-6
SCHIP:  Don't Just Sink it, Reform it
2006 March 06-1
The Iowa Values Fund:  More Promise Than Performance
March 06-2
The Planning Penalty:  How Smart Growth Makes Housing Unaffordable
March 06-3
The Project Labor Agreement for the Iowa Events Center:  An Unnecessary Burden on the Workers, Businesses, and Taxpayers of Iowa
2005 August 05-1
Verizon and MCI:  A Merger that Promotes Competition
November 05-2
Who Guards the Guardians?

January 04-1
Township Government in Iowa


January 03-1
Privatizing Iowa's Prisons

March 03-2
Tax Reduction and Economic Growth in Iowa

September 03-3 WorldCom's Fraud and Bankruptcy:  Promoting the Public Interest while Staving Off the Telecom Vultures

October 03-4
Social Security Reform and Union Households in Iowa

December 03-5 Iowa's State Budget:  Fiscal Year 2004 Update  

February 02-1
Iowa's $300,000,000
Sales Tax Increase


April 02-2
Breaking Microsoft by Shattering Windows:  The Costly Assault on Consumers by Iowa's Attorney General
June 02-3
The Decline in Welfare Caseloads in the United States and Iowa:  Reform or the Economy?

October 02-4
Iowa's State Budget: Spending Our Way to a Crisis

2001 April 01-1
The Myths of
Environmental Education
August 01-2
Innovative School Facility Partnerships:  Downtown, Airport, and Retail Space
October 01-3
The Decline of General Education at Iowa's Public Universities
2000 July 00 - 1
A Declaration of Independence from Death Taxation:  A Bipartisan Appeal
1999 December 99 - 1 The Status of Environmental Education in Iowa and America December 99-2  The Government Web December 99-3
Access to the Internet:  Regulation or Markets?