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July 17-9: President Donald Trump and the American Conservative Movement







April 17 -8: A Commentary on Public Policy

April 17-7: A Commentary on Property and Taxation

April 17-6: A Commentary on the Bill of Rights





March 17-5: A Commentary on the American Constitution








February 17-4: Iowa's Privileged Class: State-Government Employees

February 17-3: The Wisconsin Miracle: Governor Scott Walker and the Historic Act 10 Reform Measure

February 17-2: A Commentary on the American Founding

February 17-1: The Great Recession and the "New Normal" Economy





December 16-4: Economic Freedom of North America 2016





October 16-3: How to Restore Federal Fiscal Sanity: The State Legislatures Hold The Key






August 16-2: Restoring Constitutionalism, Federalism, and Solving our National Fiscal Crisis:
The Possibility of an Article V Convention of the States





January 16-1: Doom and Gloom = 0, Human Ingenuity = 10, The World Hasn't Ended Yet!





November 15 -9: Impact of Federal Transfers On State and Local Own-Source Spending






September 15 -8: The Electoral College: Explaining a Constitutional Mystery and Defending American Constitutionalism






August 15-7: The Impact of Self-Objectification on Political Efficacy:  Does Self-Image Affect Feelings of Political Adequacy





June 15-6: The Nanny State Is Expanding – And Private-Property Rights Are Decreasing






May 15-5: RED or BLUE…Which View Is Best For You?

May 15-4: Embryonic Stem Cell Research Is Morally Wrong





February 15-3: Obama-Inspired EPA Carbon-Dioxide Regulations May Bankrupt Iowans






January 15-2: SEA 421 Report: Establishing A Process For Self-Certification Registration

January 15-1: Why the Common Core Is Bad for Iowa!





November 14-7: Religious Pluralism: John Hick and the Elephant With Every Other Name





October 14-6: Should We Restore Bicameralism?






September 14-5: Terry Moe's Special Interest: Teachers Unions and America's Public Schools

September 14-4: A Citizen’s Introduction to Federalism: Federalism and the Future of Constitutional Government




August 14-3: Geothermal Energy: Important Potential in the U.S. and Iowa





April 14-2: Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees





February 14-1: Educational Freedom – For Your Child, My Child, All Children









December 13-12: Iowans Want to Age in Place

December 13-11: Judicial Nominating Commissions Should be Rejected:

"Merit-Selection" Process Is Poorly Conceived

December 13-10: Fuel Tax:  What Is a Fair System for Iowa?

December 13-9: Iowa Needs Income-Tax Reform!






November 13-8: Herbert Hoover and the Transformational Election of 1932

November 13-7: America Needs America's Energy





October 13-6: Iowa Legislature and Governor Need to Focus on Pension Reform





July 13-5: Electricity – Make It, Use It – 24/7/365





June 13-4: Mal-apportionment and the Miracle of Iowa






March 13-3: Just Say NO – and Keep Saying NO – to Federal Health Care Exchanges

and Medicaid Expansion





February 13-2: Creating a Fair Property Tax System: Is it Possible?





January 13-1: School Choice: Not if the Unions Have Any Say







December 12-13: Education Savings Account:

A Path to Give All Children an Effective Education and Prepare Them for Life

December 12-12: Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop for Power







September 12-11: Orascom or OraScam? Corporate Income and Property Tax Reform Needed

September 12-10: The Federal Trade Commission's Investigation of Google

September 12-9: A Short History of Economic Theory





August 12-8: Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees






July 12-7: Teen Unemployment in Iowa

July 12-6: Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: School Choice in Iowa





April 12-5: The Negative Consequences for Iowa of an Enterprise Value Tax



March 12-4: Tax Increment Financing: Magical Tool or Moral Hazard?



February 12-3: The Idea of "the West" and the Revolt Against It

February 12-2: TABOR: A Pro-Growth Solution for Iowa



January 12-1: Iowa's Privileged Class: Time for a Change!





October 11-8: "We Must Find Common Ground, Children’s Lives are Wasting”



September 11-7: Replace the Job Killing Corporate Tax With a Border-Adjusted Consumption Tax

September 11-6: Environmental Utopia:  What Would Life be Like If the Environmentalists Were in Charge?



August 11-5: The Benefits of Broadband:  Connecting Iowa to the 21st Century Economy

August 11-4: The Harding-Coolidge Path to Prosperity: What Policymakers Can Learn From the 1920s to Solve the Budget Crisis and Create a Sound Economy



June 11-3: Monopolizing and Derailing the Education Freedom Train



March 11-2: Tax and Expenditure Limits II: Are There Additional Options?

March 11-1: Iowa's Privileged Class:  State Government Employees






December 10-7: "A Great Devourer of Good Men" and Women

December 10-6: The State of the State



September 10-5: The Wisdom of President Warren G. Harding



August 10-4: Tax and Expenditure Limits (TELs) Helping to Control Government Spending



May 10-3: The Benefits of the Privileged Class


April 10-2: Does the Government want us "To give or not to give?"



February 10-1: American Gothic





December 09-10:  A College Education, But at What Cost?



November 09-9: Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees



September 09-8: How to “Return to Normalcy” in America: Follow the Example of President Warren G. Harding





August 09-7: Stewardship in Iowa:  Our Own Horatio Algers



June 09-6: Why Iowa Should Not Build High-Speed Rail



April 09-5: A Republic If You Can Keep It: Failing to Teach First Principles



March 09-4: Iowa's State Budget: Spending Our Way to a Crisis Again



February 09-3: Peer Review - Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council Climate Action Plan



January 09-2: Choice Through Charters:  Policy Analysis of Iowa Charter School Legislation

January 09-1: Stewardship in Government Spending:  Accountability, Transparency, Earmarks, and Competition





December 08-9: Governing by the Founder's Constitution: The Presidency of Warren G. Harding



November 08-8: Nonprofit Organizations and Faith-based Initiatives: What the Private Sector can Contribute to the Pursuit of the Public Interest



September 08-7: School Choice in America and Iowa:  Examining the Roots and Policies of Education Reform



July 08-6: Tax Increment Financing:  Getting it Right



June 08-5: Do More By Doubling Up:  Providing Iowa Law Enforcement Protection More Efficiently



May 08-4: No Income Tax:  The Key to Economic Growth


    April 08-3: Higher Education in Iowa: An External Assessment
    March 08-2: The Burden of Government
    February 08-1: Iowa Higher-Education's Third Way:  Community Colleges' 2+2 Programs






December 07-6: SCHIP:  Don't Just Sink it, Reform it

December 07-5: Is the SILO LOSST?

December 07-4: Spending Our Transportation Dollars Wisely

December 07-3: Federal Tax Deductibility in Iowa:  Who Benefits and Why it Should Continue



November 07-2: Government or Capitalism as a Solution to Rural Population Loss?


    August 07-1: For the Children?  No, for the Politicians


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